As a designer, I strive to create with a multidisciplinary approach to textiles and to experiment with different forms of art and materials.

My name is Jorgelina Lopez and all my life I have felt a strong connection with textiles. Their cultural, functional and spiritual meaning in human history.


I graduated as a textile Designer from the University of Architecture and Design in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


In 2012, after working in a collection of contemporary textile jewelry, inspired by the structures and functions of underwater creatures, I was drawn to the natural patterns and the textile as a three-dimensional object.


In the year 2013, I founded La Loupe Design, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A design studio where I started designing a collection of lights and at the same time creating a few sculptural small pieces in metal and fiber yarn.  


In 2015, I relocated In Baltimore, Md, and continued working with La Loupe Design. This time, in collaboration with my partner Marco Duenas, a  functional artist and woodworker.


The name La Loupe,  a French word for magnifying glass, arise from the idea of an observation of the structures, texture, and pattern in nature and around us.



My main inspiration is nature. By observing the structural pattern of nature I found the same system of textile language and its expressions.

In the process of creating, exploring these expressions, working with different textiles techniques and materials, is an important part of my creative process.


As a textile designer, I aim to integrate textile language and its expression with different kind of arts,  craft, and materials.


Teaching is also something that has inspired me in my journey as a designer. In 2011, I started leading workshops until 2015. The main objective of my workshops was the exploration of the visual elements of textile language.


In 2017 I was invited to lead a workshop at the Baltimore Museum of Art, as a part of Annet Couwenberg exhibition program. This experience encouraged me to keep sharing both the visual and tactile beautiful world of textiles.


I'm currently working on my design studio La  Loupe Design where we focus on home furnishing.


Jorgelina Lopez
Textile Designer